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Percolating Whispering | Jinho Lee/ Iron and Wine/ Vashti Bunyan/ Arles

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1. Jinho Lee, “Unordinary Days”  

Jinho Lee’s “Unordinary Days” is brand new. The almost simplistic music video evokes the bare-boned frame of a gently topsy-turvy pinhole camera. A smooth hole punctuates the black, square screen, and the upside-down barefooted singer softly swivels along with the ground as he chants his lyrics like a mantra or a half-breathed magic spell. The magic of the ordinary fades into focus as the camera pans to the window and adjusts its light to see a tree through the  screen window. Children laughing, water running, birds chirping, the room ringing like a daydream  — no sound of the day is left uncaptured, like a dream within a real life dream.

As I watch and hear, an image stashed deep in the collective unconscious drifts upwards and meshes with the moving pictures: the old, old image of the round sky and the square earth. That the smoothly round and the sharply cornered converge to create a world. The microcosm of the room, the hollow wooden ringing warmth of the strings, the deepening calmness of the chanted words, orbit gently outwards towards yet another delineated opening, a window: again contained within itself, visible only upon a second re-focusing. A man drifts within the room while a tree waves its leaves outside the window. The man and the tree, the voice and the instrument, join their soft voices in harmony, seamlessly melding a multiplicity of worlds and days, unordinary and yet strangely not strange, simply ordinary days, into one song.

DISCOGRAPHY: 2013 EP, “Late Night”

일상적이지 않은 날들   Unordinary Days

일상적이지 않은 날들이              Unordinary days

일상적인 날들이 되어 가네          Become ordinary days

랄라라                                          Lalala

일상적이지 않은 날들이             Unordinary days

일상적인 날들이 되어 가네         Become ordinary days

   에이                                           Ehi

일상적이지 않은 날들이               Unordinary days

일상적인 날들이 되어 가네           Become ordinary days

You can follow the man behind the music here:


2. Iron and Wine, “Naked as we Came”

   The field of vision is warm, slow and almost detached as it roves across the table where things lie strewn about lifelessly. But lifelessness doesn’t end life: the departure of life doesn’t shoot straight towards death as an ending. Goldfish are stiffening belly-up in their bowl while ants stream over the uneaten cheese and bread and grapes and open pages of books. The field of vision seems almost to caress the things as if to assure them it’s all okay. The ants trickle where they will.

   The bright faces of young children melt into the frame, and the boy leans in for a childish kiss. Water drops start sprinkling down — is it a sprinkler or a sudden spring shower? — and they run cheerily away. The downpour thickens bit by bit, drenching the pages of the book and chasing the ants away. Our eyes are dragged firmly and kindly towards the fish bowl, where the goldfish swim merrily and quietly again within their little glass world. It’s okay again. Nothing ever ends, especially not life. Life carries on afterwards, rejoicing in its delicate, rhythmic way.

Naked as we Came                           탄생의 날처럼 발가벗은 채로

She says “wake up, it’s no use pretending.”           “척하지 말고 일어나” 라고 그이가 말해
I’ll keep still and breathe in her.                  난 가만히 그애를 들이쉴 거야
Birds are leaving over autumn’s ending.                          가을의 끝에 새들은 떠나
One of us will die inside these arms. 우리 둘 중 누군가는 이 품 안에서 죽겠지
Eyes wide open, naked as we came. 눈을 똑바로 뜬 채로, 탄생의 날처럼 발가벗은 채로.
One will spread our ashes ’round the yard.                            한 명은 재를 마당에 뿌릴 거야 .

She says “If I leave before you, darling,                 그이가 말해 “여보 내가 먼저 가게 되면
Don’t you waste me in the ground.”                          나를 땅 속에서 썩히지는 마”라고.
I lay smiling like our sleeping children. 나는 곤히 잠든 우리 아이들처럼 미소 띄운 채 누워 있어
One of us will die inside these arms.                 우리 둘 중 누군가는 이 품 안에서 죽겠지
Eyes wide open, naked as we came.        눈을 똑바로 뜬 채로, 탄생의 날처럼 발가벗은 채로.
One will spread our ashes ’round the yard.                                       한 명은 재를 마당에 뿌릴 거야.

You can learn more about the musician here:



And follow his Facebook page:


3. Arles, “Infinite Waiting”

This song has no music video yet, but the song itself paints a world.

The threshold of my door is the entrance to your painting, where even the shadows are shadows of stars shining with your light. You are light, spilled like the stars that are yourself, a promising trail that I might follow to hide and rejoin.

기약없음                                      Infinite Waiting

꿈같은 네 얼굴이 내 문지방 너머로     when your dreamlike face comes seeking beyond the threshold of
찾아오면 허공을 딛던 내 새벽도                              my door, even my void-stepping dawn
반가운 네 기별에 눈물겨워라                                        is teary-eyed over this welcome sign from you
이 생에 별 그림자 비추는 꿈 속으로                          in this life, into a dream where the shadows of stars shine

나도 네가 흘린 별들 따라 가고 싶어                                i  want to follow the stars you spilled, too
왜 빛나던 것들은 불현듯 와                                      why do the light-imbued come unannounced
이내 내 곁을 떠나가는지                                            and leave my side in time?

나도 네가 그린 그림속에 있고 싶어                             i want to stay inside the drawing you draw, too.
왜 눈 앞 풍경은 모두 이토록 흐려지기만 하는지     why do all the scenes before my eyes keep fading?
사라지지마 내사랑, 내 사랑아                                   don’t disappear my love, my love
사라지지마 내사랑 사랑아                                         don’t disappear my love, my love

꿈이냐 생시냐 꿈 아니고 생시면                        is this a dream, is this real, if it’s real and not a dream
낯선 여긴 어느 아픔이냐                                  which pain is this strange unknown place
꿈이냐 생시냐 생시 아니고 꿈이면              is this a dream, is this real, if it’s real and not a dream
여긴 대체 어디란 말이냐                               then what and where is this place?

DISCOGRAPHY: “Field” (Deul), split EP with Gang Taegu, 2012


Arles doesn’t have a facebook page (yet), but you can follow her on twitter here.


4. Vashti Bunyan, “Diamond Day”

Diamond Day                      다이아몬드 같은 하루

Just another diamond day                    다이아몬드 같은 하루, 하루 더
Just a blade of grass                                                          풀 한 포기 더
Just another bale of hay                            그저 짚더미 하나 더 있고
And the horses pass.                                        말들은 지나가네

Just another field to plough                               수확할 들판 한 뙈기 더 있고
Just a grain of wheat                                  밀 한 톨이 있을 뿐이네
Just a sack of seed to sow                           뿌릴 씨앗 한 포대 있고
And the children eat.                                 아이들에게 먹일 게 있네

Just another life to live                                           살아갈 삶이 또 하나 있고
Just a word to say                                        말할 단어가 하나 더 있어
Just another love to give                            나눠 줄 사랑이 또 남아 있고
And a diamond day                  다이아몬드 같은 하루가 하루 더 있네

For information go here:




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