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INTERSTELLAR: the movie in 5 sentences

Sup guyz. So I finally watched the dreaded latest blockbuster. Apparently the director, Christopher Nolan, went to such lengths as taking advanced quantum physics tips from scientist Kip Thorne and planting a 500-acre cornfield. All in true Nolan style, of course.

And in true Nolan style, the convoluted matrix of his narrative left many scratching their heads.

I’m planning a more detailed foray into this marvelous tour de force, but for now, let’s settle for something shorter and sweeter: 5 sentences describing the p.o.v. of each of the main characters.

Spoilers ahead (you have been warned).


INTERSTELLAR: the movie in 5 sentences 

Dr. Brand Senior: I trick my daughter’s space-faring crew into believing they will be able to save the people currently living on earth, when in fact the real plan is for her to find a suitable planet and start a new human colony using frozen embryos because a) I know she won’t leave unless I do this and b) I care more about  my daughter’s future humanity’s future than my own.

Dr. Brand Junior: My boyfriend Dr.Edmonds left Earth on a near-death-mission to look for habitable planets on the other side of a wormhole near Saturn, so I leave Earth with NASA’s secret team hoping to find him again.

Dr. Mann: I left Earth 10 Earth-years ago to look for a habitable planet but found a barren frozen wasteland, and I knew they wouldn’t waste their fuel to come rescue me unless I lied about the data, so I manipulated them into coming for me.

Cooper Senior: I left my daughter and son to tend their farm with their grandfather on a dying Earth so I could find a suitable planet to move them to, only to find out that time on the spaceship passes way more slowly for me than for them — so I end up launching myself into a black hole, trapping myself in a tunnel within space/time, helping my daughter solve a pivotal gravitational equation, and finding myself at my daughter’s deathbed.

Murphy Cooper: My dad left me when I was 10 years old, I was tricked by Dr. Brand Senior, and I solved the puzzle of gravity and subsequently saved humanity by de-coding my dad’s morse code and building a space station within a wormhole.


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